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Quality Quality Standard Chico Rei

Quality Standard Chico Rei

"We understand Quality as a simple equation involving care, speed and efficiency applied in the best products. We make everything to provide a relevant and unforgettable experience. So we are always looking for improvements. And it takes more than our strong, enduring brand to succeed. It takes people to bring our product to life each and every day in each and every way."



Currently our manufacturing system is fully vertical. Which means that we concentrate all areas of the production process in one unique place. This is the way we can provide and control quality on every detail as well as we can also monitor our costumers enjoyment. for that reasonw e work hard to deliver awesomeness with special value for those who wear it.

Molecules of awesomeness

Molecules of Awesomeness

"Our products have an infinite universe of cultural references besides os its unique design and an exclusive cut capable of making everyone irresistible."

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