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About us

Chico Rei is a studio that invests in design and fashion to make unique products bringing special value for those who wear it. We've escaped the common definitions to not limit ourselves in just a few words. So be prepared to find an endless mixture of colors and shapes with a large range of cultural references.
We based our work on being creative, innovative and original in every piece. The very first intention of our studio is to develop and create what we ourselves feel like wearing or consuming. In other words we believe that fashion is all about showing your personality with creativity. So, don’t find it awkward if you feel like hugging someone. It’s only the effect of wearing a Chico Rei tee.

Why Chico Rei?

Why "Chico Rei"?

The name Chico Rei has deep roots in Minas Gerais, just like the brand itself. It is been said that Galanga, a king of Congo, was brought to the interior of Minas Gerais as a slave. He was given the Portuguese name of Francisco. With a lot of courage and wisdom, Chico (nickname for Francisco) gathered gold in order to buy his freedom. After a time, the Brazilian hero was able to buy the mine he worked in. He also guaranteed not only his, but more than 500 slaves’ freedom. He was able to take his tribe back but now in Brazilian lands, in Minas Gerais to be more specific.
Such great inspiration gave us no doubts: the first option of a name for the brand was chosen at once and it is been coined as synonym of freedom and “Brazil”.

What do we do?

What do we do?

It’s not only a matter of offering high-quality products, we also intend to surprise you at every purchase, every click and every interaction. We make everything with love and attention to provide an unforgettable brand experience, because we like to see our clients pleased in all manners. For that reason, we have a very strict quality control in order to ship our products with excellence and enchantment.

Our main goal is to develop what we ourselves want to wear in the first place, being creative, inovative and original on every single detail. The fact that we like what we are creating has a fundamental role in our day to day business. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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